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New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Instrument cluster problem. Thread starter firejunky44 Start date Aug 17, I have a 05 freightliner M2 business class truck, with the mercedes engine.

I am having a problem with the instrument clust quiting on me. I thought it might be the cluster itself so I paid It worked for about a day and a half, and it quit again.

It is giveing me some codes. Her they are. What I have found on some of those code that it is probably a data link connection problem. Where in the crap do I start to look for the problems.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer. Reactions: SimpleTrucker. It goes from 0- 12 and back to 0. I remember the early 80's when the FL series that my boss bought 5 of them brand new What engine? I'm sorry, I read mercedes three times and didn't think - too much going on.

The m2 is a multiplexed electrical system that has if I remember right the Bulkhead Module connects everything to everything else and if it is like the one I worked on recently, the instrument pod only connects to this which controls the electric gages like the volt meter and the oil pressure gage. If this is bad, it will effect everything from the engine to the ABS to even the lighting system. If you are getting nothing, then there is one thing that can be done - bring it to the dealer or another certified repair center Newbie Alert I have a GMC W with an Isuzu engine, I had it stored for the last few years and started it about three times each year.

Due to battery deterioration the last year saw me boosting it to get it started. I was hoping to put it back on the road but when I tried driving it I realised that the speedometer doesn't work The fuel gage reads half full but it might just be stuck there.I am working on a Freightliner Classic heavy-duty with a Series 60 Detroit Diesel which when you turn the ignition on, no lights whatsoever for the gauges come on.

So it won't start. It still feeds power to the headlights and misc stuff like the radio and cb but just not the dash lights for the engine. It seems like there is a short in the steering column because I climbed in it the other day and then dash lights came on once when I grabbed the wheel and got it to start and move but would kill it once again when you push the clutch in to go to reverse. The batteries all have a good charge and no matter what I do for it like wiggling the wires or moving the steering wheel or anything the lights won't come on the dash at all now when the key is on.

I put a test light on the ignition switch and the push button switch and they are all hot still. And of course i made sure the battery disconnect switch was on lol. Is there any fuses which may be blown? Or is it an internal short i have not found? I don't know very much about trucks yet because I am just starting in this work field.

But if anyone knows why it's happening I would be soo forever thankful. Thanks in advance. Ok I will look into it harder tomorrow since it is well below 0 here in Wyoming lol.

Now that you mention that type of fuse I can remember what they look like. Found out it was a short from the ignition wires that ran behind the steering column through the dash and down to the ignition controlled breakers bypassing the ignition completely.

Linked wire directly from battery to the breaker box and Viola! I got dash lights and it started. Thx for your help lol just gotta fish a new wire thru. You are getting no lights or buzzers at all on the dash, and the starter won't engage, is that correct? If so, look on the fire wall under the hood. You should find 1 or 2 solenoids. They look kind of like solenoids for a ford pick up.

Look there for loose or broken wires. Also you might try replacing the key switch. In that truck the switch should be cheap. Check for a broken wire that the clutch linkage may be hitting.

There shouldn't be any wires in the steering column that would cause this. If it has anti theft switch it could be that. I'd just do away with that if it was me. Or u blue a fuse like on one of the wires there is a comparment to hold a small fuse if that does not work let me know.

Update: Ok I will look into it harder tomorrow since it is well below 0 here in Wyoming lol. Update 2: Found out it was a short from the ignition wires that ran behind the steering column through the dash and down to the ignition controlled breakers bypassing the ignition completely. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. It doesn't sound like a fuse.Discussion in ' Freightliner Forum ' started by IllustriousMay 10, Log in or Sign up.

freightliner cascadia dash gauges not working

Find Trucking Jobs. May 10, 1. Hello everyone here is my issue that has been running my head in circle. I have a Century Class Freightliner with K miles on it my first truck. I just purchased this truck about a week ago its pulls and runs great!!! Now my air gauges are the only ones that work fine. I took it to the TA Truck stop in Ashland, VA off lewistown and the mechanic checked all the fuses in the passenger dash as well as the ones on the panel by the driver door and all the fuses were good IllustriousMay 10, Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided.

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. May 10, 2. What Type of fuse was it? Was it a Big fuse like a big black one? TruckerPeteMay 10, Illustrious Thanks this. May 10, 3. May 10, 4.

May 10, 5. May 10, 6. For some reason, they used the same circuit to power the ICU. I'd say that you have a power problem somewhere.

freightliner cascadia dash gauges not working

If it were a data link problem, you'd get a gauge sweep and bulb check, then it would say no data or something similar on the dash. GrapeApeMay 10, May 10, 7.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in Register. Search titles only.

freightliner cascadia dash gauges not working

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Freightliner Wiring Diagrams or Repair Manuals. I'm completely new to this field, have little to no experience in working on these trucks. However, I'm jumping straight into it. Call me stupid, ignorant, or a fool, I'm 26 years old and a recently laid off oilfield Operations Manager, who really just wants to get his own thing going.

I also bought a 15' 14yd dump body, reinforced the frame, extended frame about 1' 6", and have recently converted it to a dump truck. Now I'm trying to fix the other, small but important problems with the truck. I have had hell trying to find any kind of documentation on the wiring of these trucks.

Cruise control, exhaust brakes, speedometer, and tach are all not working. Speedometer doesn't seem to work. Maybe up to about 65mph, then it will stick and won't come back down until it shows 45mph.

Tach sticks around 5x rpm even with engine off, comes up to about 6x rpm at idle, but doesn't seem to be accurate. I have been told to check all the ground wires, but don't know how I could possibly do that with no reference to where they are. I figured I might just try to replace the speed sensor on the back of the transmission for the speedometer, but I would like to try to get some advice first.

I cannot find the sensor for the tach. I was told it should be on the bell housing, but can't see where it would go. I have only found 4 wires not connected to anything.

Freightliner Wiring Diagrams or Repair Manuals

Two wires are in a set with a connector and the other two wires are separate with their own connectors. Also, behind the panel which contains the radio housing, trailer and tractor parking brakes, has 5 wires which aren't connected to anything too.

D, D, 81C, and a few more I couldn't really read the numbering on.Discussion in ' Freightliner Forum ' started by habfleetSep 9, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Sep 9, 1. I have replaced this gauge several times sometimes within less then a month is there a manufacture problem with these gauges. I am replacing them because both the DEF and Fuel indicator will fluctuate the def will show yellow or red lights even with the tank filled.

If you tap on the gauge it will work fine for a while. Which leads me to think it is not wiring problem. Thanks in Advance.

Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Sep 9, 2. You should check the fuel sensors on the tanks. My guage did the same. Fuel levels became odd and at times, one would be full of fuel and the other dry. Sep 9, 3. It's separate sensors. Sep 9, 4. Loose connection. Sep 9, 5.

In 6 diffrent trucks??? Sep 9, 6.

2008 Freightliner gets ignition power but won't power the dash (short?)?

Sep 9, 7.By MarkKathyJuly 4, in Electrical. Checked the instrument cluster fuses both were fine. Had power to the fuse and grounded properly. Back lights work and turn signal lights work, other than that the dash is dead What you have is a bad solenoid. It can be found with your fuse panel. With the key on take a test light ground it and check for 12 volt power at the solenoid. There should be two cables on the solenoid. You should have 12 volts on both sides of the solenoid if not then your solenoid is defective.

When you get a replacement be sure that it is a 12 volt continuous duty solenoid of adequate amp capacity. Your can get them at most auto parts stores. With the the ignition switch turned on engine not running the instrument panel should be active. You posted that the cluster fuses where both good. That could indicate a defective ground or a Defective Display.

If the data is not received from the VDC for more then 45 seconds, the Icon lights will "Dance" or initiate a chase pattern. More great feedback Rich. Thank you. There is no chase pattern or "dancing".

I have it into a Motorhome shop today. Their initial thoughts are defective panel. It starts, it runs, the fuses are good and there is power and everything grounded. One question, Wolfe 10 you mentioned "common issue with this chassis" so I have to ask If the instruments are dead with good power and ground then you will probably get a reman instrument cluster. Very common with GM chassis but I don't know what Freightliner use during that time.

They are an item that requires some understanding of how to remove, test and install the new units. The cluster is supplied with the chassis when it is shipped to the coach maker.

Cascadia Dash Cluster Not Working

Your problem is or could be quite technical and many of the RV service centers do not have skilled chassis service employees. The local RV service center farms out most of the electrical, transmission and engine work to a certified chassis service center for the specific chassis. Rich, I would agree regarding "farming out" electrical work. The Winnebago dealer I purchased this coach from primarily deals in travel trailers 5th wheels and some class c and gas powered class A's.

They kept it a week and said, it's out of our league, take it to Frieghtliner The place I took it is certified Freightliner I'll share what the ultimate resolution is. Under the bed there is a instrument control module. It has the colored air lines going to it. Freightliner updated this module several times. Things are not progressing well. It appears at this point to be a control module, but even that is proving to be a challenge to get?Page of Go. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently.

2000 Freightliner century class gauges not working

Table of Contents. Page 2 To preserve our environment, fol- This vehicle must be regularly inspected and main- low appropriate environmental rules and regulations tained as indicated in the Cascadia Maintenance when disposing of materials. Manual, and in the Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections Page 3: Reporting Safety Defects Foreword compliance with federal and local jurisdictional regu- hotlineor contact Transport lations.

Table 1. See Fig. Record the number so a duplicate key can be made, if needed. Page Cab-to-sleeper Access Vehicle Access Cab-to-Sleeper Access To open the sleeper access on vehicles with vinyl sleeper curtains, unzip the sleeper curtains.

If de- sired, unsnap the curtains all the way around the sides and top, and remove the curtains. To open the sleeper access on vehicles with velour sleeper curtains, unfasten the snaps at one side, then push the curtain to the opposite side. Sleeper Door Lever 2. Luggage Door Lever Fig.

Careless- ness could cause a person to trip and fall, with Do not let the hood free-fall to the full-open posi- possible injury. Page Electrical Power Distribution For the electrical and electronic systems.

The auxiliary PDM The following components make up the power distri- may contain fuses and relays for these devices. SAM Cab 6. Cab Load Disconnect Switch optional location 3. Cab Load Disconnect Switch optional location 4. SAM Chassis 9. Trailer PDM 5. Emergency Power Supply The Cascadia electrical system has an emergency power circuit that supplies battery power for exterior lighting.

This assists vehicle visibility in the event a MEGA fuse is open circuit. The emergency power circuit is live even when the CLDS is turned off. Circuit Breaker 2. Then loads designated as beeps. Page 25 Instruments Instrumentation Control Units ICU self-check is complete. Page Audible Alerts Table 4. Engine Oil Temperature Gauge 5. Secondary Air Pressure Gauge 2. Front Axle Temperature Gauge 6. Tachometer and Engine Oil 9.

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