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Sign In Join now. Main Forum.Each Reading Comprehension question has a batch of questions with it. Fact : Passages may concern the natural and social science e. Fact : The primary skills RC tests are 1 the ability to determine the main idea of a passage; 2 the ability to draw connections between facts and concepts; and 3 the ability to extend the pattern, to see where the argument is heading.

On the right side, one question at a time will appear. You will always be able to see the passage in its entirety, but you can only see one question at a time. Fact : Virtually all RC questions fall into one of the following six categories :. Give yourself 2.

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You just have to know where the passage goes into detail about that factoid so that, if a detail question arises, you can go back to that place and reread. Your goal is to read the whole passage once, at a relaxed pace, and reread only specific detail passages as necessary.

This is one strategy many people fight tooth and nail. When you read RC passages, take notes on scrap paper. Write down the main idea in ten words or fewer symbols and abbreviations that make sense to you are fine. Write down the topic of each paragraph in ten words or fewer. On the real GMAT, you will get a erasable packet and dry-erase pens. Many folks find this helpful for calculations on the Quantitative section, and the principal use on the Verbal section is for taking notes on Reading Comprehension questions.

Read a passage, taking notes. Then, without even looking at the questions, put that passage aside. One suggested strategy is: before your read the passage, read the first question —- not the answer choices, good god! That way, you will have it on your radar. In particular, if the first question is a detail question, you will have your antennae up for that detail as you read.

Read every day, especially if RC is not your thing. For science reading, both Scientific American and National Geographic are excellent sources. If you have a friend who majored in a discipline different from yours, ask to borrow a couple textbooks and ask for their recommendations of good chapters to read.Most educated people of the eighteenth century, such as the Founding Fathers, subscribed to Natural Rights Theory, the idea that every human being has a considerable number of innate rights, simply by virtue of being a human person.

When the US Constitution was sent to the states for ratification, many at that time felt that the federal government outlined by the Constitution would be too strong, and that rights of individual citizens against the government had to be clarified. This led to the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments, which were ratified at the same time as the Constitution.

The first eight of these amendments list specific rights of citizens. Toward this end, James Madison and others produced the Ninth Amendment, which states: the fact that certain rights are listed in the Constitution shall not be construed to imply that other rights of the people are denied.

Constitutional traditionalists interpret the Ninth Amendment as a rule for reading the rest of the constitution. In particular, this strict reasoning would be opposed to the creation of any new rights based on the amendment. More liberal interpreters of the US Constitution have a much more expansive view of the Ninth Amendment. In their view, the Ninth Amendment guarantees to American citizens a vast universe of potential rights, some of which we have enjoyed for two centuries, and others that the Founding Fathers could not possibly have conceived.

How To Improve Your Reading Comprehension

These scholars point out that some rights, such as voting rights of women or minorities, were not necessarily viewed as rights by the majority of citizens in late eighteenth century America, but are taken as fundamental and unquestionable in modern America. While those rights cited are protected specifically by other amendments and laws, the argument asserts that other unlisted right also could evolve from unthinkable to perfectly acceptable, and the Ninth Amendment would protect these as-yet-undefined rights.

B is the credited answer. Choice A is wrong, because as the passage points out, these particular rights are guaranteed in other parts of the Constitution, and anything stated explicitly in the Constitution is not relevant to the Ninth Amendment.

It merely raises an objection for which the traditionalist may well have a satisfactory answer. These two sides would only agree on something very basic. D is the credited answer. The amendment itself says that it addresses rights that are not stated explicitly in the Bill of Rights. Choice A is wrong, because this is something the liberals would embrace and the traditionalists would reject. Moreover, we suspect that, if they have opinions at all, the liberals would have a much broader understanding of how the Ninth Amendment extend the idea of Natural Rights Theory, while traditionalists argue that the Ninth Amendment does extend anything.

As such, the Ninth Amendment does not apply to it at all. The whole point of the Ninth Amendment is that it applies only to rights not explicitly addressed in the Constitution. E is the credited answer.

All the other answers, about the Ninth Amendment supporting this right or applying in one way or another, are incorrect. This is precisely the motivation for the Ninth Amendment, explained in the first paragraph.

Choice B is wrong, because nothing in the passage says that the amendment automatically gives people specific tangible rights. Choice E is wrong, because it picks up on a detail of the passage, from modern times, and says it applies to Founding Fathers. Choice A is wrong, because the passage does not draw any conclusions on whether the traditionalist or liberal interpretation is better. Choice B is wrong, because this answer would imply that the purpose was to agree with the liberal interpretation, but the passage does not clearly valorize one view over the other.

Choice C is wrong, because the primary contrast is not between 18th century readings vs.

This implies that unlike rights not listed in the Constitution, the rights listed in the Constitution are NOT denied — and thus provides indirect support for Amendment 7. To say the 9th amendment is irrelevant seems like sort of a stretch to me because of that…What am I missing??

Great question! As the passage indicates, this amendment is referring to rights that are NOT expressly written in the Constitution.One of the most frequently asked questions by a CAT aspirant is how to practice Reading Comprehension Passages and from where to find rcprep material. CAT RC preparation needs patience and practice. In other words, improvement in RCs can be seen only in retrospect. In fact, there is no scarcity of online resources to practice and prepare from.

However, it is very important that the student sticks to one resource and completes it before moving on to the others. You must remember that collecting PDFs and videos is not the solution to the problem.

GMAT Verbal Section Syllabus 2019 - Download FREE PDF

The next important point is that blind practicing will never result in improvements. Also, there must be good explanations to the questions. This will help you in fine-tuning your approach and work out a strategy that best suits your reading speed.

We have designed a page that has reading comprehension exercises with answers. The passages are divided into different categories:. Furthermore, the reading comprehension examples have been divided into short passages and long passages, similar to the ones that came in past year CAT papers.

These are some of the tough reading comprehension passages that you must solve to hone your RC skills. Toggle navigation. CAT RC set Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Click Here.Use our free GMAT resources to boost your prep.

Select a format. Get familiar with advanced GMAT concepts and techniques. Download the essential e-books to jump-start your GMAT prep. Get detailed explanations to advanced GMAT questions. Filter the resources Select Resources. The 3-month GMAT study plan works with your lifestyle and results in you becoming comfortable with the test questions, timing, and pace.

Watch this video where Arun Jagannathan talks about the success mindset that candidates applying to top MBA programs must have and the 3 things that top B-schools look for in their prospective students. Are you aware of the latest change in the GMAT test-taking structure? Now you can select which section of the GMAT you would like to begin with!

Planning to study in the US but sceptical now? In this webinar, experts teach you how verbal questions are structured, the mindset required to ace verbal questions and how you can avoid all the traps. The few days before the test day can be daunting. Understanding everything about the system is key to beating it. Learn everything about the structure and algorithm that makes the GMAT a worthy challenge. All Tests are not the same just like all apples are not the same.

If you want to hang out with the best, you have to learn from the best. This E-book has everything you need to turn yourself into the master of inequalities. Learn about advanced concepts, how to approach inequalities questions and the application of the concepts. In this video you will learn why it is crucial to spend more time analysing the question, re-using questions and identifying all types of errors while revising.

Do Data Sufficiency questions tie you up in knots? We have just the hacks to untangle those knots. This webinar imparts you with a proven technique to make dominate bold-faced questions. This webinar covers the perfect 90 day study plan for you to get exactly the GMAT score you are aiming for. The GMAT is not so hard if you were to pick up each question by itself.Post a Comment.

GMAT Download. Fully updated and revised to deal with recent changes to the GMAT, they were designed with a content-based approach. It teaches how to peel back layers of complicated wording to make sense of confusing content and find proof for the correct answer quickly. Unlike other guides that attempt to convey everything in a single tome, the Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide is designed to provide deep, focused coverage of one specialized area tested on the GMAT.

As a result, students benefit from thorough and comprehensive subject material, clear explanations of fundamental principles, and step-by-step instructions of important techniques. In-action practice problems and detailed answer explanations challenge the student, while topical sets of Official Guide problems provide the opportunity for further growth. Your book includes a unique access code that enables you to access these online resources.

gmat rc pdf

Browse More Articles. Newer Post Older Post. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Popular Posts.This section includes 36 questions and a time limit of 65 minutes. Here, a part of the sentence is underlined and five answer options are given to choose from. English grammar such as nouns, subject-verb agreement, pronouns, modifiers, verb tense, parallel construction, prepositions, etc. Candidates must be able to recognise and correct the wrong phrases in the given sentences.

The aim of the students in the sentence correction questions is to produce the best sentence, as per meaning, grammar and style of English. Critical Reasoning To judge the logical reasoning capability of students, GMAT includes critical reasoning questions in the verbal section. The topics and situations covered in the Critical Reasoning section are varied in nature and may include situation based questions as well.

Experts comment, that a thorough reading of second for each Critical Reasoning question is required to correctly crack the questions. A passage is given along with a questionnaire and candidates have to answer the questions based on that passage. These passages are based on subjects like biological science, political science and business subjects marketing, economics, human resource management, etc. When the passage of RC section is long, its presented to the GMAT test takers in a split screen format where on the left hand is the passage and the on the right hand are questions, appearing one at a time.

Also, get your work corrected by professionals or GMAT trainers. Preparing for this particular section of GMAT exam requires time, effort and patience.

gmat rc pdf

Here is a list of books you can refer to. Click to Download PDF. Published on by Deepti Bhayana. Last Modified on Sorry, this phone number is not verified, Please login with your email Id. The Graduate Management Admission Test GMAT is a computer based international assessments test which is used in the assessment procedure for admissions into international business and management institutions.

As the number of questions and the time allotted is fixed, its alone time management that determines your GMAT quantitative score. The time to number of maths problems ratio in a typical GMAT Even if your future plan does not include a management course, still taking up the GMAT test is beneficial and renders practical impact on any prospective candidates career. The vast syllabus and Post Your Requirement today and get connected.

gmat rc pdf

I am a Student. I am a Tutor.

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