This day, however, you decided to spark up a rather thought-provoking coversation as he tightened the straps around your wrists. His words cut you much deeper than any of his medical tools did. You were used to the psychical pain he inflicted upon you. The mental and emotional pain was far worse. Instead, you stared at the tiled floor and repeated his response in your mind.

You were giving limbs and endless amounts of blood to this man without putting up any sort of fight. You were the reason the Shie Hassaikai was thriving.

Yet all he could see you as was an asset. This was very unusual behavior for you. You turned your head and watched as he eased the needle out from within your arm before hastily wrapping the now-tender and bleeding area with white gauze. It seems like every time I talk to you I end up hurting twice as much. You sighed and looked up at him as he began to loosen the straps on your wrists. Looked up at those beautiful golden eyes that stung each time the stared back at you. A spot of the gauze turned a light shade of red, signifying that your blood at seeped through the fabric a bit.

Keep reading. Your neck must be super sensitive in this form. Your fault. Sure, he was attractive. He had beautiful goldren eyes, a well-built body, and soft brown hair. He seemed so much more determined and maybe even a bit more sadistic. Ah shit, here we go again. Honestly having to redo my masterlist is worth having a Chisaki theme.Originally posted by spikytyphoon.

Notes: This story has some yandere type themes. Other than that, carry-on :. You ignored the pain in your feet. Ignored the aching in your legs, begging you to stop. You saw the lights up ahead. You were so close. You could feel it. Just a little farther. You pushed with the last bit of force you had to make your legs go faster, but right before you made it he grabbed you.

His arms wrapped around your waist like a serpent pulling you forcibly into his tight, almost choking, embrace. You went to scream but he was one step ahead of you, his hand already covering your mouth causing whatever screams came out to be muffled by his gloves. You thrashed and cried and hit until you exhausted yourself. The little energy you had left disintegrated into nothing. He took the opportunity to swiftly lift you into his arms and started walking with you back in the direction of where you had tried so desperately to get away from.

To you, it was a prison.

| despite | chisaki kai X reader

He gently sat you down on your shared bed kneeling in front of you to inspect your feet. Your feet were still raw from running. Only turned away. You could tell he was slightly annoyed by this, but not as annoyed as he was by the whole situation. You actually thought you could get away from him.

The thought was absurd, the fact that you even attempted was enough to make him laugh, but the fact that you injured yourself in an attempt to escape him angered him.

He the fact you put yourself in this situation.

overhaul x reader angst

The outside world would taint your purity. In time you would.

overhaul x reader angst

It needed to be hot to burn away all the filth that touched you while you were out. Sticking a few fingers in and deciding it was a good temperature, he turned to you and motioned for you to strip.It clenched your heart, your stomach, your guts and you felt breathless. It hurt that he, too had little faith in you. It will only worsen your punishment for tonight. A soft creak indicated he was seated down.

Really incompetent. I am starting to have second thoughts about taking you in out of pity. No, of course not. Not even once. It was heartbreaking, reminiscing how many times you whispered those three words to him during intimate moments. Did he ever…love you? Or was it a facade? Another mask to cope with the loneliness. If you admitted it, you might burst into pieces, never to be fixed again. You loved him too much to see what was right in front of you; Overhaul never really loved you. Because you are the light of my life.

Because you…and I shared too many memories to forget. He laughed, a dry humourless laugh that sent shivers down your spine. Turns out you were losing. The side of him that was calm and calculated on the outside but caring and lovable on the inside. You started to think he was right. You started to doubt if the sweet gestures he did before he snapped was really true. Once loved?

Imagine Overhaul getting jealous.

They messed with his mind and stuff happened. If it is, I advise you to stop pursuing him. Oh, he will. He had a female bent over, almost naked as the day she was born and him, sitting casually in his office chair, shamelessly staring at her bust. You cleared your throat, unable to speak.How would yandere Setsuno confess his love to his crush?? Yay, some Setsuno writing! After being heartbroken, cheated on, and left with a immense debt by someone who he had trusted with his life, Toya Setsuno vowed never to love anyone again.

Setsuno had left himself vulnerable, he realized, by trusting someone that much. People are greedy, and always want to take.

This realization gave Setsuno a different outlook on life, a nihilistic and pessimistic one. The only reason he had to live, was to serve Overhaul. Though, once Setsuno met you, he had even more to live for. He was terrified of you, because you were so perfect for him. So, he waited, and watched. Rage would course through his veins whenever he saw you talk to anyone a little more friendlier than he would have liked.

He hated your friends, he hated everyone who thought that they were enough to be in your presence. The time spent at the Shie Hassaikai had taught him the difference between a person and pure scum. And all of them were just that.

Setsuno always loved writing them for you. Setsuno loved that look on your face when you would see them! After all, your friends only held you back from meeting him, telling you to move or that they could spend however long you wanted with them. With a nervous grin spreading across his face, Setsuno walked up to your door with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and a gigantic teddy bear.

He knew they were your favorite, you always stopped to smell them when you walked by a flower shop. What an arrogant thought that was. He was trash, and you were perfection. Just thinking about seeing you got his heart racing. Although timid, Setsuno would sneak into your room and watch you sleep. When feeling a little brave, he would caress your sleeping face lovingly, thinking of kissing your soft lips.

Though he would hold back every time, he wanted to make the first kiss perfect, and when he was more able to meet your needs. Shaking his head, he got out some of his lock picking tools and set to work on your front door. Besides, the front of your home was well shaded and he was well hidden.

Setsuno wanted to watch you so badly. It was so cute when you mumbled in your sleep and how you cuddled up to your pillows and plushies! Though wanting to slam open the door and jump on top of your bed, he forced himself to edge the door open slowly, and to peer inside and make sure you were sound asleep. Once he was certain you were, he shuffled inside, dragging the gigantic teddy bear behind him. It was almost the same size as him, he made sure of that, as it could also be a good hiding place as well as a cute gift for you.

Overhaul (Kai Chisaki) x listener ASMR p3 [My Hero Academia] Sammich Ver

Brimming with joy, he placed the teddy bear next to your bed, and placed the flowers and a simple, white letter next to it. Setsuno then took his place on the foot of your bed, and watched you sleep. Never once, did his smile falter.

Waking up the next day, you yawned, rolling out of bed. It took only a millisecond for you to notice the flowers and teddy bear in the corner of your room. Instantly, your chest became tight with fear. Holding your breath, you stumbled up to it and shakily inspected some of the flowers the teddy was holding, and noticed how they were your favorite.

You smelled them, and yanked them back when you smelled a disgusting, odd scent.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chosen from the crowd thanks to your lineage, singular in your purity, Overhaul chooses you to be his.

Even if you are determined to get away, it's hard to refuse a man who can rip you to shreds with one touch. Chisaki and the reader are secret lovers, their relationship hidden from all. Mr Yakuza desperately wishes to humiliate the reader in front of her fellow heroes When a woman from another world turns up Nighteye is tasked with seeing her future but what happens when he see's something he shouldn't? Also I mention reader having the perfect body but what I mean is to Nighteye the reader's body is perfect.

Following the raid on the Shie Hassaikai Headquarters, you thought that the peace and quiet would finally return to your life. That was far from happening, seeing as you symbolised the greatest loss for a hurt Togata Mirio. Every bit of sunshine was stolen from him, but nevertheless, you still saw a light in him, and you knew because it was the same sunshine that kept you alive.

A collection of 31 days of kinks with some of the BNHA boys and some girls and a female reader. Chapter one is the calendar and everything else will follow after that.

I'm a little late to the party but I wanted to contribute and practice writing before graduation and with Season 4 coming out. You know you have a soulmate out there in the world and your parents don't know about that. You're a bit frightened to know what kind of person your soulmate could be because you're a princess and you must marry into royalty or anyone your parents see fit.

You keep it a secret from them because if your soulmate isn't royalty or to their liking, they wouldn't let you be with them.

They believe you don't have a soulmate because if someone has a soulmate, a name or a words will appear on the palm or hip. It's rare for those who see the world in black and white. Nobody said your job was going to be pleasant.

And nobody originally mentioned who you'd be working for. Still, Shigaraki's pretty cute when you take away the wrinkles. You imagine what it'd be like to kiss him, but the thought makes your stomach wrench in pain. It'd probably be like making out with sandpaper. So maybe this wasn't the best idea you've ever had.

But it says "demon summoning", which is what you want, and "for idiots", which is what you are, so there's no harm trying it out. This is a series of short chapters featuring different demon! You had lived with a nightmare quirk all your life, never having normalcy. The biggest norm of your life was your police work. Why not find out now? Requests are [OPEN].Thank you for all the great head cannons!!!!

Are you still doing requests? I love your work btw I appreciate and hope you are doing good. Could you please do some fluff for Shinsou, Tamaki, Iida, Shoji and Kirishima where their crush isn't a big fan of crowds, so one time when they're out together the crush just randomly grabs onto their hand or just grabs onto their sleeve or something so she doesn't lose them?

Can you plz do a scenario where kiribaku poly tododeku poly and todobaku poly help the reader with a mental breakdown and they think there ugly and not good enough for there family and they feel second best. Eijirou cupped your face as you cried, giving you a concerned look. Katsuki was behind you, hugging your waist tightly and placing his head on your shoulder in an attempt to comfort you. Stop fucking telling yourself that. We love you so much, and it hurts seeing you feel this way.

overhaul x reader angst

Eiji began pressing little kisses all over your face, kissing all your tears away. When you feel sad - tell us. You sat in silence for a while, but with their concern you felt your emotions building up until a few tears began to leak down your face, and of course the two immediately took action - both of them scooting closer so that they could hug you tightly.

The boys shared a concerned look, trying to figure out how to go about this. A lot - cause I admire you so much! You are definitely not weak. You hear all the time how amazingly powerful your boyfriends are, how could you not feel like you were the odd one out? Shouto frowned and walked over to you and sat next to you on your bed, and rubbed your back softly.

You can tell us. Shouto nodded in agreement, and pulled you close so that to could lean into his chest. I just want all of you to know that I now have this staring at me from my closet everyday ok thank you for your time.

Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: Hi! Well - let me take you out then. Anonymous asked: Could you please do some fluff for Shinsou, Tamaki, Iida, Shoji and Kirishima where their crush isn't a big fan of crowds, so one time when they're out together the crush just randomly grabs onto their hand or just grabs onto their sleeve or something so she doesn't lose them?

He loves that so much! Anonymous asked: Shigaraki, Dabi, and Bakugo all hearing their SO who never swears say the fuck word. How dare you. I thought I knew you, but obviously not. Anonymous asked: Can you plz do a scenario where kiribaku poly tododeku poly and todobaku poly help the reader with a mental breakdown and they think there ugly and not good enough for there family and they feel second best. Dont say shit like that! See this in the app Show more.You smiled slightly, not saying a word as you caressed the scar on his forehead with your thumb.

You then pressed your lips on it, hands holding the sides of his face, and you pulled away to find his golden irises looking up at you in a trance. The faint light spilling through the cracked window behind you haloed around your figure, giving you the appearance of divinity that he found himself wanting to worship you.

The urge to grab you soon consumed him, yet the action fell dead as there was nothing he could do except to express it by the twitch of his mutilated limbs.

Warnings: angst, birds and the bees, dry humping, blowjobs, boobjobs, amputated Overhaul. Also on AO3. For how long you knew Chisaki, you have never seen such despair in his eyes—such lost. A dull shade of gold that was usually shimmering with determination and authority was now without light and harbored a sort of emptiness that looked foreign. A scream that exhibited regret, pain, and the shuddering factor that his initial plan to revive the power of the yakuza was taken away from him permanently.

You wrung the wet rag above a bucket and squeezed the water held within the fabrics. The splashes resonated through the abandoned building along with the squeaky floorboards that would sound every time your feet would press into it.

You soon dipped the rag back in the bucket and repeated your actions. Chisaki sat still in his chair, shirtless with his golden eyes as far away as his expression. They were lowered and away from you, not on purpose but because he had no energy to lift them. Those golden irises were surrounded by bloodshot red pigments from his lack of sleep and under and around the skin was dark, nearly reaching a purplish tint to his normally cream hue. His head was also low, a striking difference from the Chisaki you knew who never lowered his head for anyone.

You shivered to the fact that the Chisaki in front of you may very well be different—not humbled or submissive—but broken, perhaps, beyond repair. You dragged the rag across his skin, cleaning his shoulders and chest. You noticed his skin was developing hives under the rag once it left. It still plagued his thoughts and he relived that moment ever since he had gone through it.

Shigaraki hacking away at his arm, his blood splattering every time the knife came hurling down, and that taunting smile so large that it took up his face all because the fall of Overhaul was caused by his own hands. Chisaki flinched, more hives appearing around his shoulders when the rag followed down his arm until it stopped, nowhere to go as his forearm and hand were gone—nothing but a stump of his upper arm left.

Hatred boiling within you as you remembered how you found Chisaki, bleeding from both his decapitated arms after you had followed the gut-wrenching scream. He already passed out from the blood loss and you broke him out of his bindings and carried him to safety before the heroes could arrive to arrest him.

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